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Cerbere Magazine, refers to the creature of Ancient Greece. This foul creature, invincible and always faithful to his post. This dog with three heads, guardian of the gates of Hell, preventing those who passed by the Styx River to flee.

It is a softer image of this dog with three heads that we offer, which nevertheless retains its very incisive character. This choice is also a nod to the affectionate relationship that exists between man and dog, this descendant of the wild wolf, whose legendary loyalty remains exemplary. He looks, he observes, he barks to express himself.

The three heads of Cerbere are references to the three major axes of the magazine: Fashion, Culture and Society.

Cerbere Magazine is a free webzine offering all the content of a classic magazine, addressing the most varied topics with all the interest and commitment necessary to ensure its proximity to its readership through a didactic vision.

Cerbere is modern and dynamic. This magazine, like its contributors, is constantly on the lookout for the change that is taking place around itself but also worldwide. Faced with the different themes and topics he deals with, Cerbere does not go to bed. Absence guaranteed of waffling language.

Happy reading. Woof!

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